Town Hall Meeting

As most of you know we will be holding a parish-wide town hall meeting this Sunday, May 21st, at 12 Noon.  

I know, I know, another meeting...BOORRRINGGG!

If that's what you were thinking, you're wrong!  

What we have is an exciting opportunity to shape the future of this community.  We all know that OLMC is a wonderful, welcoming, and generous place, but what if we could make it even better?!  What if we could generate a new level of excitement from our youth, a new degree of belonging for our families, a greater experience of the sacred in our worship, and a more profound feeling of empowerment to serve God and others from each and every member of the parish?  This town hall meeting is your opportunity to help determine the direction this parish is heading, to let me know what you love about it and what exciting opportunities you see on the horizon.  It is my prayer that by our 100th anniversary in 2023 everyone that visits us at OLMC is immediately struck by the presence of the grace of God when they enter our church and inspired by the witness of Christ when they are served by a member of our community.  Join us this Sunday and help us give glory to God and serve our neighbors for years to come.